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Product Description

The Remoticom ZSC160 series, along with the ZSC150 and ZSC200, are the most advanced products in our Zhaga Smart Controller family. The controller comes standard with a GPS and optional ambient light sensor, uses the Dali 2.0 specification and can be mounted on a streetlight that supports Zhaga book 18. By means of the LoRa protocol, the controller status can be monitored in real-time and a daily/weekly schedule can be easily applied.

The ZSC160 can be controlled via an API, linked to a public lighting control system. The controller has several unique features such as a holiday and exception calendar, which allows setting different dimming profiles and operating times from the usual daily and weekly regimes.

Included is an emergency function that allows the light intensity to be set to 100% in real time. A notification will be sent automatically after an error detection, due to a tilted mast for example. A tilt of more than 15° will trigger an error message. The ZSC160 calibrates its own tilt zero point after 48 hours of use.


The ZSC160 uses LoRa technology to communicate with a backend application that needs to be foreseen by the customer.

For more information, please visit our website : https://remoticom.com/nl_nl/product/zsc160-zhaga-smart-controller-lorawan-d4i-dali-2-0-mqtt/

Product Benefits

Long range radio technology (LoRa), low cost and low power consumption

LoRaWAN operator agnostic: open community networks, public network operators and private networks, compatible with OPION CloudGate Gateway or any other LoRaWAN gateway.

Plug and Play system

D4i protocol for reading driver data

Public holidays and exception calendar.

OTA (Configurable over the air)

Compact dimensions


Ambient light sensor (optional)

Emergency function possible via app

Tilt detection

Installation & User Guide

The instruction manual (English) that contains all information that is needed to install, configure and manage the device can be found at the bottom of this page.

Product Picture


Product Datasheet

English, German, French and Dutch version of the Datasheet can be found here below.

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